Search Engine Optimization and Marketing

SEO Shouldn’t Be Mysterious.

SEO is one of those things we all understand in theory: getting the best possible placement in Search Engine Results Pages (SERP), most notably Google’s. Unfortunately, the actual mechanics of SEO are far more opaque, and there’s a whole fly-by-night industry that has developed to exploit the desperation of businesses to be found. Often, tactics employed are pitched as magical, without any explanation of what’s being done or how. Often, when the work is done at all, it’s done the wrong way, with temporary unethical tactics to boost site visitors. Often, robots are employed to simulate additional traffic. We specialize in all aspects of digital marketing, and SEO is a part of all of that.

Beware If You’re Pitched with the Following.

Any good doctor will tell you what he’s going to do and why, and what medicine you need to take and why. He may not explain how to build a $10 million DaVinci Surgical Robot or the chemical processes and reactions that make the drugs. But, he should have no problem being understood. Genius is the quality of making the complex seem simple; It takes an idiot to make the simple seem complex.


Promises of Positioning

Promises of high placement on Search Engine Results Pages (“Page #1 of Google”)


Secret Methods

Proprietary, secret, or unique methods. The principles of SEO are no secret, and nobody owns them. Sometimes, secrets just mean “non-existent.”


Link Buying

Buying and selling of backlinks, link-backs, or inbound links. (This practice is unethical, and often punished by Google)


Robo Visitors

It isn’t uncommon for unscrupulous SEO service vendors to use their own web-bots to repeatedly visit sites to simulate traffic increases. Beware, and drop them if a corresponding increase in conversions is not observed.


Listings as SEO

Paid placements in one directory or another for SEO purposes (Directory links are almost always tagged “nofollow”: meaning that search engines should not consider them quality back-links).


Paid Directories

Similarly, it is very common for an online directory publisher (usually of a free directory) to use a web bot to simulate substantial traffic from their directory, to use as a sales tool to pitch upgraded (ie, for-fee) placements. Remember with directories: you’ll bankrupt your enterprise trying to be in them all: if they were of value, you’d have heard of them.


Obscure Demos

Demonstrations of instant high ranking for obscure keywords or non-words. (it’s easy to be first for a non-word, if you’re the only site on earth that references it).

We Do SEO & SEM the Right Way.

Search engine optimization isn’t a product, but a philosophy that guides everything done online to market a website, it’s product and service offerings, and its company. The focus is always on solid foundations, Best Practices, and viable long-term advertising and marketing principles always win the day.

And while we do it, we’re open and clear about what’s being done and why. We want to be the geniuses that make the complicated simple for you, not the idiots that make something straightforward into a confusing quagmire.



A thorough analysis of the site is performed, using an assortment of automated tools to detect visibility problems. Visibility issues are found and fixed.



Metadata and Social Markup is implemented to enhances the appearance of the site everywhere it appears.



Pay-Per-Click & Impression (PPC & PPI) (ie, real) advertising campaigns are brought into play to build presence, even from a cold start.


Dashboard Setup & Indexing

Remote connections to the major search engine management dashboards are set up for long-term control and monitoring.


Content & Keywords

Content and keyword density is scrutinized and edited for maximum effect. Too much little is not good enough. Too much loses points due to the spam factor.


Conversion Focused

Most of all, sites are streamlined for conversion activities, because presence doesn’t matter if visitors don’t convert.


On-Site SEO

On-site SEO Best Practices are employed, making the best showing of content for the biggest splash.


Internal & External Links

Siloing and internal linking is built up to promote stickiness and quality. Link building is done in earnest, as sites are eventually penalized for spurious links.



And we don’t say the word proprietary (ie, “we can’t tell you”) — SEO isn’t a magic pill you get from a wizard. It’s a professional service of real demonstrable value, and we can tell you how it works. Run from anyone who isn’t able to tell you about a service they want you to buy… hmm. Food for thought.


Directories & Link-Building

Choice directory listings are leveraged for real advertising and traffic value, not for sheer quantity of links, or SEO “gaming.”


Sharing & Footprint Building

A rigorous course for social media sharing and activity is planned to encourage re-posting and viral sharing.


Microdata and Schema

Comprehensive markup incorporating microdata objects ensures broad consumption of site data by aggregators, bots, spiders and indexers — your friends in getting the word out — as long as you speak to them in their language.