Recalls Campaign

Fresh Data from NHSTA

Harnesses the power of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which monitors manufacturer vehicle recalls, down to the individual part level.

Amplified with Data

Data is amplified with extensive vehicle information from, so your leads receive a great landing page experience, with a variety of content available, from reviews, to pricing and trade information, all of which is captured live to populate the lead’s record.

High Perceived Value

The recall lookup service has high perceived customer value, and is pitched as a free, no-obligation gift for your customers. At your end, the results are high-value non-customer-pay invoices, increased service drive traffic, as at least 75% of vehicles on the road have potential recalls pending.

Maximum Response

Full-window envelopes allow response to exceed opening rate: leads can call, text, scan the QR Code, or visit the site without even opening the envelopes.

Recalls are a great hook for customers. But, when it isn’t your own franchise vehicles, or when you haven’t seen vehicles in your inventory or service drive, it can be tough to locate them. Here’s a secret: nearly every vehicle has one or more recalls, often open campaigns. We use data direct from the NHTSA to locate vehicles with recalls, even other franchise makes. It’s a three-way winner: Get the customer in for a contact data capture, perhaps perform some warrantee work, perhaps up-sell, and perhaps even take the vehicle in on trade with a new purchase. This is a rare campaign with multiple revenue streams.


Direct hotline to your sales staff puts leads in contact with you fast, while pushing leads into your CRM in realtime through Autolead Data Format XML feeds, in real time.

SMS/MMS/Text Messages

Smart SMS robots allow leads to respond on their favorite channel, while simultaneously identifying leads, generating a lead push into your CRM, and documenting TCPA SMS opt-ins on every lead.

Inbound Email

Inbound email processing adds another response channel, ensuring that every emailed inquiry in response to the campaign is captured, documented, added to your lead queue and CRM system.

Happy Landings

Beyond our Leadnip GAMP and Leadnip View-Through Data Keyhole systems, we boast the smartest landing pages, mobile mini-sites and campaign microsites in the business… any business. Inbound leads are permanently identified and tagged based on dynamic QR Codes scanned, PURL and GURL content, to provide you with unprecedented ability to de-anonymize website visitors, and contact them today.

Deep Analytics and Metrics

Our own custom analytics implementations, including Leadnip GAMP, and our unique Data Keyhole system harnesses the power of your Google Analytics data, pushing analytics, visitor, and conversion data right into your own console: for side-by-side comparison with all your marketing activities.

Interactive Voice Response

Smart IVR technology performs fast data lookups, to provide information live to leads, identifying them and transferring live to associates, and pushing live leads into your CRM of choice.


Web Forms

With a system of web forms fully integrated into all aspects of our system, responding leads are properly attributed to their campaigns, generate lead data pushes into your CRM, and are workable in real time.

Social Media Integration

Fully integrated with our own Social Media Apps, landing pages are ready to encourage viral sharing, and optimized for great-looking Social Media interactions.

Automated Ad Rotations

For the non-converters? They are instantly added to a digital banner ad audience, to be served up Google Adwords Dynamic Display ads and receive a targeted rotation of your advertising message anywhere online they go.

Facebook Ads

Likewise, non-converters are added to a digital audience to receive campaign-related ads on the Facebook platform, for a campaign that brings in conversions long-term. When responding leads return, they are instantly re-identified, and their lead records are updated to reflect their renewed interest: and you receive a CRM push or notifier email.

Second Bite

Our Second Bite (at the apple…) program reserves a follow-up direct mail solicitation for leads without contact information, who respond on the web, but don’t take any further action. Fully automated Second Bite mail solicitations go out like clockwork, continuing to stoke responding leads.

Outbound Email

Carefully crafted, fully branded rich HTML emails (no lazy image emails like some vendors push) go out to campaign recipients in response to their online actions. Website visitors and form completions receive a a slow trickle to preserve interest and leave them with trackable tokens for future response.

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