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Postcards eliminate one of the major problems with mail in an envelope, or even snap-apart self mailers: opening rate. Sadly, much mail is far less effective than it could be owing simply to the fact that wary and jaded consumers often discard items that aren’t relevant without even opening them. Postcards sidestep that obstacle, presenting your full marketing message and call to action, front-and-center, with no action on the part of the consumer. But, many postcards are done wrong, abandoning most (if not all) of the response tracking and analytics technologies embraced by other mail. Not these. High-level variable data printing, including variable image printing, dynamic PURLs and personalized QR Codes, lead data feeds, responder notifier emails, landing pages/mobile sites and micro sites, digital ad service and cookie-based remarketing all combine to make some of the most effective and economical marketing anywhere.

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