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What is the View-Through Data Keyhole?

That's one of our best solutions to one of your difficult problems.

When you work with an agency on your campaign landing pages, often it’s difficult to decide how to host the pages.

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Pick Your Poison...

Self-Host Landing Pages? Or Agency-Managed? Tough call.

…because if you’re wanting to drive traffic to your website, it’s because you know how valuable it is. Your website is the hub of your lead generation efforts and marketing response across every channel, and is deeply integrated with your CRM system. But, without expert-level configuration, you can lose out on some of the best of it all.

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Host it Yourself.

Agency-Managed & Hosted


Self-hosting means your in-house webmasters take on the extra burden of developing and integrating appropriate landing pages.

Manpower & Staffing

You may not have the staff (or available in-house talent) to build superior landing pages and configure them properly.


Name recognition is important, and hosting your landing pages on your site is a great asset. Hosting with a foreign domain name or on a vendor’s site or subdomain can erode your brand’s message.


An agency may be more expensive than in-house staffing, and balloon the campaign budget. A custom on-site solution is always more expensive than a turn-key one.

Time & Money

Performing these functions in-house may delay your campaign, or make it far more complex.


Even if an agency is able to configure the landing pages on your site, can you risk development being done on your live, production site and potential damage? Can you trust the developer to do the job right?

Digital Losses

Once traffic is directed off site, you lose all the potent digital remarketing goodness and analytics, handing it all off to the agency. That hurts.


With analytics being collected on a vendor’s site, it becomes much harder to understand the data that your vendor shares (hopefully…), and almost impossible to fit it into context with the rest of your business intelligence data.

Leadnip is the better choice.

100% results. 0% Headaches.

Leadnip addresses every challenge you face with a strategy for success: A branded mini-site ensures that your brand is front-and-center. Deep integration with your on-site analytics ensures that you don’t go blind when we take over. Just the opposite: we provide plug-and-play analytics configuration options to make your analysis even better. Direct linking to your site through our unique View-Through Data Keyhole technique ensures that 100% of leads and inquiries are accounted for, and even more important, are tagged with your own first-party cookies for social media integration, CRM actions, and digital marketing.

You Benefit from Digital Marketing

Cookie-based marketing benefits you, and you know the benefit of capturing visitors to your site. So, we ensure that visitors to our landing pages are visitors to yours. We do the work, you feel the love: so, even though we’re doing the heavy lifting, the long-term analytics and remarketing goodness are yours forever.

Easy Setup

You have to agree. Nothing’s easier than outsourcing. Hunting for access, passwords and accounts; shoveling mountains of media and images our way. Nope. We’ve done this before. We’re ready to launch, with branded everything. The message is already written for our product. The art is already installed for your franchise. It’s plug-n-play, all day long.

Your site, your analytics.

By hosting it yourself, your site means your analytics: your business intelligence continues to flow precisely where you want it, merging with all your other data for actionable insights and direct comparisons.


We’re the experts, and will get the job done, with industry best-practices, advanced analytics & lead generation… the works. It’s the zero-sweat solution.


The pros know how to get it done, on schedule. It’s all we do.

Landing Pages Promote Your Brand & Site

Name recognition is important, and hosting your landing pages on your site is a great asset.


Trusting the landing page experts to do their job will guarantee better quality. A specialist is always the way to go. And when there’s no additional cost? That’s a no-brainer.


It’s got all the right stuff. Tied into your social media, analytics, lead generation, digital marketing, response tracking tools, and more. Everything is included. If it don’t have it, you don’t need it.


Today, if it doesn’t move at the speed of mobile, it moves at the speed of bankruptcy. That’s why everything we do is mobile-first: with QR Code, SMS Text Message Response, mobile browser detection & optimization, device-based GPS geocoding, with a chunky mobile UI for fat fingers.


Our landing pages simply cannot be outdone. Whether it’s an embedded Facebook App, trackable Like & Follow links, Social-Optimized sharing features, forms & lead generation integrated with your CRM, juiced-up analytics integrations and our own special goodies, top-notch mobile experience, digital marketing continuity, instant inbound visitor identification, and a gorgeous fully-branded message that says “YOU”, we’ve got it covered. It can’t be beat at any price, and it sure can’t be beat for no price.

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