What is Showtime?

Tracking doesn't stop with a positive response.

Showtime is what we call the system we’ve developed for tracking leads beyond just their initial response, but rather reporting on their activity online, in your showroom, at their appointment, and beyond.

Handheld Registration

The Leadnip system allows your staff to register their mobile devices, turning them into a distributed business intelligence network for your business. All your staff has to do is scan the Showtime QR Codes on the mailers, or log in to the CRM and use the handheld barcode scanner.

POS Scans

We also provide a hand-held laser barcode scanner for scanning in bulk. A single scan is all it takes to record a lead as “Showed”, curtail BDC follow-up, as well as record vital campaign performance metrics.

Touch Points

Showtime touch-points on your showroom collateral allow users to check themselves in, and operate the system themselves, ensuring full accounting for all leads.

We’ve spoken with many colleagues across the marketing industry, and lots of them have an odd perspective on measuring campaign performance: they seem to think that if their customers had the tools to evaluate, with precision, the effectiveness of their services, they’d be out of business. Seriously?

That’s why with other marketing companies, you’re left to your own devices to determine how many leads showed, how many sales closed, and how much revenue was generated. You’re left with an inbox full of lead notifier emails, a stack of random mailers on your desk that you plan to count and reconcile with vehicles sold… some day. But does it happen? And is it all even accurate? Other companies want to confirm campaign success with a post-campaign “ROI” database audit, which usually doesn’t account for every other campaign you’re working hard on this month, but just claims credit for everything.

But that’s not us. We believe that you have the right to know exactly how many leads responded, closed, purchased from you, liked your pages, signed up for your emails, and exactly how much your ROI was. For us, attribution is the ultimate virtue, and we want to give you the power and tools to do it. We’re not afraid. We know that knowledge is power… and that giving you the tools you need to objectively evaluate our services will make you a customer for life. So, we built those tools, and we call those tools the Showtime system.

Showtime puts you back in the driver’s seat.

It’s our unique method of tracking every lead back to your doorstep.

Every mailer is uniquely barcoded and QR Coded for lead response. But, what happens when your staff scans the returned mailers? That’s when it’s Showtime. Our exclusive lead response and tracking system allows your staff to register and tag their mobile devices (phones, iPads, etc), turning your entire staff into a single business intelligence network. The same QR Codes or barcodes on the mailer that take your responding leads to the smartest landing pages on earth, become the most powerful tool for measuring your marketing response when scanned by your staff. Instantly, they check leads in, mark them as “Showed”, and curtail further BDC follow-up action, allowing your team and ours to focus on leads that need attention. Further, it puts the power back in your hands: you’re no longer just counting inquiries, leads, and IVR calls (or stacks of mailers, if you’ve tried that), but actual showed leads, permanently recorded in the system. We’ve closed the loop on response tracking.

How does Showtime work?

First, each member of your staff scans a unique QR Code from the CRM screen, tagging their device’s browser with a durable “cookie” that identifies them as a staff member. We also provide a hand-held barcode scanner for scanning in bulk. Once tagged, all your staff has to do is scan the Showtime QR Codes on the mailers, or log in to the CRM and use the handheld barcode scanner. Instantly, responding leads are marked as “Showed.” So, instead of wondering in vain (or sitting on a stack of mailers brought back in by leads), you’ve documented them concretely. Updating the leads to Showed is a force multiplier: these leads are automatically pulled from the follow-up queue in the CRM, allowing our staff and yours to focus their efforts where they are needed: the unresponsive leads.

But, it goes much farther than that.

Most other companies consider the job done when the lead responds. Some push hard until the lead shows. But few want to track them until they close. We track your leads until they drive away in a vehicle. Here’s how we do it. Deep in our CRM system, the hub of the Leadnip multi-channel response system, there are three functions that let you take back control of your marketing.

  1. The appointment calendar. Our appointment calendar shows all the appointments set for all leads, both by your staff and ours. That’s pretty standard. But, our calendar allows you to instantly mark leads as showed, no-showed, or purchased with a single click, to continue the tracking process, pushing a lead back into the response queue, or ending the sales process.
  2. Reconciliation. Beyond the lead queue, we have a private management interface: our “reconcile” dashboard. From here, your managers can view every lead from the entire campaign, and make a final reconciliation: who showed, who purchased, etc. It’s the final step before reporting on the campaign’s response.
  3. ROI & Metrics Panel. The final step is our unique, one-of-a-kind metrics panel (yes, it’s both unique and one-of-a-kind — it’s THAT special). Our own algorithms are used to calculate industry average revenue-per-vehicle, direct mail response rates, showroom closing rates, appointment no-show rates, and other critical metrics (you can customize them as you please), to accurately estimate units sold and revenue from the entire campaign.

Does your campaign do that?

If not, it’s time to expect more for your marketing dollar. There’s a reason we call it “The world’s most advanced marketing system.”

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