If you’re not using Google Adwords, it begs the question… why? The only acceptable answer is, “because Facebook Ads are working better for me.” And Facebook Ads are very impressive. But here are some key reasons you should stop dead and get Adwords working for you, fast.

1. Better Analytics Overall.

Although Facebook made huge strides in mid-2015, moving from “impossible” to integrate with Google Analytics, to merely “extremely difficult,” it is still a hand-coded nightmare, with zero options for easy automation. Adwords integrates fully and deeply with Google Analytics. That means effortless tracking of inbound traffic from ad campaigns alongside organic and referral traffic, for a meaningful and complete picture of its contribution to the marketing picture. Know not only which ads were clicked, but the format (image, HTML, Flash, etc), size, and other factors. Just link your Adwords account to your analytics account, and you’re set.

2. More Visibility.

Despite my admiration for the Facebook Ads platform, at the end of the day, for all it’s charms, Facebook is only one website. LinkedIn is only one website. Amazon is only one website. Google Adwords? It’s every website. Like the old VISA ads: It’s everywhere you want to be. Monetized blogs? Banner ads on directory sites like YellowPages.com or WhitePages.com? “Competitor” sites like Yahoo & Bing? The Google Advertising Network is everywhere.

3. More Options and Flexibility.

With it’s display network, display network select, search ads, and other campaign options, there are a host of ways to get your message out there. Whether you choose a remarketing campaign to re-acquire non-converting visitors, or a search campaign to intercept them as they search for a competitor, there are loads of options and features for all.

4. Advanced eCommerce Features.

Dynamic remarketing and conversion tracking are old hat for Adwords. Track and remarket individual products on pages? Segment lists with high specificity? It’s all there. Google analytics is infinitely extensible, with more features than any one organization could ever use.

5. Real, Meaningful Statistics.

For serious, data-based business decisions, Google Analytics has the statistical chops to deliver up the insights. If you’d like to hone your marketing and sales funnels into such a highly-tuned machine that all you need to do to increase your revenue is turn a dial, this is the platform for you. Run A/B tests and experiments. Create alternate views with filters. Build non-interaction events into your reports to bridge the online and offline worlds.

Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 5.50.41 PM - Google Analytics Dashboard WIdget Pie & Donut1

6. Reporting and Visualizations.

Anyone can switch on an analytics package or paste a snippet of Javascript onto their site to get the ball rolling. But, teasing out real, actionable insights from any analytics system can take quite a bit of setup and configuration. That’s a key obstacle that keeps so many in the dark. But, Google’s system excels at presentation, offering a wealth of in-depth reporting options, and even simple “Dashboard Widgets” for quick & easy viewing. Still have no configuration ability? Visit the Google Analytics Solutions Gallery and install an amazing pre-configured Dashboard or Report Package created by someone else. Want to see one of ours? Download and install the “Leadnip Geography” basic dashboard that we developed for tracking landing page visitors for direct mail campaigns.