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Doing Business in Georgia or Pennsylvania

As you know, Georgia and Pennsylvania have some of the most restrictive consumer-protection and truth-in-advertising compliance laws anywhere. We have experience navigating the legal compliance minefields, and can get your message out there, quickly and smoothly. For other states? We don’t even have to flex.

What's the Magic Formula?

Crack Legal Chops

Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and Federal Truth in Lending (FTIL) disclosures are paramount, to keep your solicitations fully compliant, especially for automotive offers, where quoting “trigger terms” such as competitive APR, monthly and down payments are your boilerplate industry standards.

Compliant Prizes & Hooks

Prizes & Giveaways are a constant compliance sticking-point. We’re ready with fully compliant prizes & hooks, specifically created for your high-oversight, compliance-heavy, litigious environment.

Direct Legal Review

When required, we’re ready to hand-walk offers and art through internal & external legal review processes, including pre-screening through your local State Attorney General’s Office & Department of Consumer Protections, to obtain clearance and review directly from the government legal authorities, for the most ironclad, bulletproof compliance possible; as well as safe harbor claims.

The Georgia Peach

We call it the “Georgia Peach”, because you haven’t seen prohibitive government oversight until you’ve tried to make a firm offer of credit in Georgia: Extra-special designs that address all the difficulties of doing business with maximum oversight: 100% disclaimer-free designs, 100% no asterisks, 100% FTIL/FCRA compliant offers. 100% ready-to-mail.

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